My own small world.

I open the window for some fresh air at 7:22 am. Sitting on my bed, I can now crane my neck to see the outside. The air smells like wetness, the clouds a gathering grey slowly turning into dark, and it will rain soon. I push the sheers aside, and my hand lands on the dusty window pane. Light finds its way into the room and it’s all bright for a moment. I crawl back in bed under the duvet, lying on my back, watching the sheers play with the light wind,listening to a bird chirp insistently nearby. A plane passes by. A pile of clean but unfolded clothes is what the edge of my eye catches when I turn to my left. I can hear the stairs getting scrubbed, the sound of the brush and dragging of a bucket. I pull the duvet closer and sink my head deeper into the pillow, closing my eyes for a moment. I try read my own mind. Nothing. Starting of some loud music instantly draws me away from the stupor………….. I sigh.