Unlocking and winging adulthood game levels.

Ever since I started living on my own, I think I unlock a different level of adulthood every other time. Feels like I was tossed in some sort of Jumanji adulthood game. Some levels are pretty easy, some will have my mind riling and others have me feeling so proud of myself, just by accomplishing them.

Monday evening, I had to go change my gas. I had been postponing refilling simply because I wasn’t having enough money but the biggest reason being that I was feeling lazy carrying the cylinder all the way from the fifth floor, to the shop and just the thought of the physical baggage had me reluctant. But a girl has been having a huge appetite and it’s only right that she gets the gas to make cooking easier, other than buying food.

Before I decided to finally take the gas down, I called my mum. Call it buying help from the game store, to improve my skills and get past this level. I didn’t want to get ripped off, so I had to ask her what cylinder brand was best to exchange, so that I’m not given a knock off.

The economy is currently inflating day by day and basic commodities are insanely having hiked prices. This is something that has been in the news day in day out and it is sickening, if I was to be honest. I remember that there was a time I would buy half a loaf of bread at 12 Kenyan Shillings and now a whole loaf of bread is at 55 Kenyan Shillings, shooting to 60 Kenyan Shillings. Bread!!! One of the very many infractions that are just hard to escape your attention. Some prices remain recalcitrant just to mock your pockets!

I gasped at how an empty cylinder is heavy imagining just how a refilled one would weigh, the torture my fingers would have to endure. I hung a grocery bag over my shoulder to buy some potatoes on my way back.

The previous week, I had passed by the shop and asked the lady I found there how much it would cost to refill the 6kg gas and she said 1,300Ksh. That Monday, I found a man who I automatically assumed was the husband.
‘This war in Russia has led to inflated gas prices, since they are the second producers of gas in the world. ‘ I stand there, not wanting to believe what he was saying. ‘What do you mean it is now 1,400Ksh? The lady I met here last week told me 1,300Ksh!’ this is just outrageous, I tell myself.
‘Yes, it was, but believe you me, by next week, it might hike to 1,500Ksh. Some distributors are as a matter of fact hoarding the gas cylinders so that they can sell them as they please’ he goes on and deep down I was like, well! Catch me refilling gas at 1,500Ksh!

I did not exactly get the brand I wanted but the substitute he was giving me, was one my mum had approved so why not? I paid half heartedly, sighing defiantly as soon as the Mpesa message confirmed the payment.

Self-baptizing myself with energy, I summon as much of it as I could ‘I am really winging this level of adulthood! Look at me carrying a 6kg gas, a bag of potatoes over my shoulder struggling to maintain my balance! My fingers screaming from the weight. Whew!’

A girl is wearing and rocking the big girl pants day by day! Applauding and appreciating the levels she has passed, is in and those that lay ahead.
So, what levels of adulthood do you feel like you are winging and feel proud of, no matter how small?