The sexual tension between loneliness and ……….

And some times the loneliness strikes you like a bolt of lightning, when it’s a few minutes to 3 am in the morning and you are rewatching Game of thrones for the 6th time. When you jump off the bed half naked, with just your top on, a long pair of socks and just undies, to make yourself a plate of noodles.

When the entire neighborhood is silent and you can feel the cold slipping in on your body, after leaving the warm sheets.
And by that minute, you do that  pirouette in the middle of your own house, dancing to the sound of your own happiness and the silence, that just happens for that split second of a moment, and all of a sudden it hits you that it wouldn’t be so bad to be in bed, cuddled, having pillow talks, kissing the hell out of each other and silencing the demons of desire that sleep deep down on us all, a song of a  thousand whispered conversations that have roses springing in your heart.

That sexual tension between you and the loneliness, that tries so hard to outdo the wanting to be loved yet, letting your guard down is something you can not gamble on, cause strangely, it agrees pretty well with you.

But alas! life goes on.

Author: wachauchegejoyce


10 thoughts on “The sexual tension between loneliness and ……….”

  1. > “a song of a thousand whispered conversations that have roses springing in your heart”

    This is beautiful ❤ I try to remember that there are millions of those whispered conversations happening right between lovers and that through our inseverable connections with all of humanity we are all a part of this wonderful process. We are never alone.

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