Spread a little bit too thin, but managing.

In a spun of 2 weeks i have managed to clumsily hit my head against the wall, and against the metal pole of the bed. Stupid huh?.

So i have been having this on and off migraines even when I’m sleep at times. I can literally feel my head throbbing. I mean,¬† for somebody who loves to sleep,¬† it is quite a stretch for me. Funny thing, i hear a lot when I’m sleeping , i pick up sounds and movements, my brain is usually very alert. Wait, is that normal? Please tell me it’s normal.*crossing fingers”

So combining¬† the migraines, and my brain being that alert picking up on going activities, reading for my exams makes me so frustrated that I have literally detached myself from everyone. First cause I love it that way, second cause i don’t want to unleash my frustrations on anyone. So I’m just playing safe. When i called my mum today, i mentioned it to her and she made a light joke of how i used to fall off from bed when i was young. Every time she mentions it, I’m always like “whaaaaaaat?”You know, like I’m hearing it for the very first time. Cause how did that happen? How now?. It is hilarious though. It made me smile.