One salon, a cocktail of ladies and a new dawn with a mutual end game.

Howdy my people.
It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

So, today I want us to discuss and share our thoughts about something.
I had recently gone to the salon. When they said that some of the places where you are going to get the hottest rumors, then make the first in your list as the salon,cause they were definitely right. So, on Saturday I was going to redo my hair, after quite some time. Now, the rate at which conversations and stories change while here is pathetically, amusingly malleable. One minute we were talking of how my hair, has really improved, to how right and wrong it will be to reopen schools, and to our topic of the day, “Just how baby showers, gender reveals, bridal showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties are wrong”

Matter of fact, what instigated this topic, is the small black radio that hang on a wooden plank. It was a Kikuyu radio station that had been tuned on and when they started playing some secular songs, one the hairdressers had been like” wait, what’s happening?. Why are they playing those type of songs, during that time of the show? ” mind you it was a song by Diamond Platnumz, a renown Bongo musician. To be clear, we were 4 of us. 2 hairdressers and some customer, i mean I was the second customer. That makes us 4, right? Yea of course it does.

So one of the two friseurs went on to lament that if she ever attended a wedding and they start playing such secular songs, she would matter of fact, get up and walk away. And in my mind I was like, “the hell! it could be the devil in the rain, but what are you talking about? This is a wedding! Meaning people are here to have fun, dance, eat, mingle and all that. So why won’t they indulge themselves in some good music?

Don’t think I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’m a believer and all that, but I also spectate for that other side of the spectrum. If it’s church time? Well and good, let’s all say the hail Mary, sit on that pew and listen to the priest deliver his sermon, let’s find devotion at the pulpit and all that. If it gets to having some good time? Then why hold back? Sing, dance and indulge!. Balance is very imperative, knowing what to do, when to do it and at what time. Oh, I forgot to add with who too.
We all laughed, trying to imagine how a wedding reception would look like, without people dancing to some modern secular songs. Wait, or is it possible? Someone enlighten me. I have been to very few weddings and maybe I don’t know much.

What took me by surprise was when she smoothly slid from that topic, to cynically condemning the act of people holding baby showers. “You young people have no idea that those people who attend these parties might be having bad intentions and before you know it, they’ve brought you gifts that have undergone demonic sacrifices and when you eventually give birth to a baby, he or she is deformed or having other weird problems. ” I’m literally mesmerized, so I will pretend I’m sipping some cold water, which I’m not. I understand her insecurities. I really do. I tried putting myself in her shoes, to see where she was going and coming from, with her perspectives. From there, I deduced that she is a staunch traditionalist, which is good. I mean, I’m superstitious from time to time, which stems from all the verbal traditional learning that we all go through. You do have some traditional beliefs you hold on to, right?
She went on explaining how back then, there never used to be all these “stuff”. Let me take you carefully through what she shared with us.

Back then, our mothers ad grandmothers, did not engage in baby showers, gender reveals and any other celebrations young people are holding. They never used to celebrate before the child was born, since it was a sign of bad luck, a taboo to be precise. Some tribes never even used to buy clothes for the unborn child saying it might jinx the unborn baby.
The mother to the expectant woman, her relatives and mother-in-law would alternate on coming to visit, and take care of this pregnant woman. They would bring her traditional foods that would give her more energy and all that. The celebration would be carried out once the baby was born, and not before, like you all are doing it.

Once she was done, that other customer interjected. “Things have changed. Trust me these days it’s hard to find a mother-in-law who is all out to take care of you. Your mum? Yes, but it’s hard for the mother-in-law to do it for you. When will she ever get that time to go to the farm and take care of her goats and cows? She won’t abandon her work, to come help you out. “

I actually gave her a nod of tacit acquiescence for her opinion , because she had some good point. These days you get pregnant, most of your relatives are not that much bothered or invested in taking care of you. They might visit you twice. During your pregnancy period and after you’ve brought the baby to the world. Funny thing, those who are there for you, are your friends.
I went on and jumped to how bachelor and bachelorette parties are also done these days.

“You people never cease to amaze me. What goes on in those parties.? ” the hairdresser asked and I exchanged looks, winked at that customer and laughed so hard. But we made the whole story short for her. “The girl comes together with her friends and do all the crazy things she had never done, and will never do once she is married. She takes that moment to have a time of her life, before she gets to say her vows and tie the knot, the same applies to the guy” once I told her that, she just laughed saying we are a doomed generation.

Thing is, I’ve been to several baby showers and it’s just one of those moments that mark the culmination of the mum to be, as you gather up as her friends, hold a party for her, eat, drink, dance, gift her and last but not least, a baby shower is never what it should be, without that girl talk. I don’t want to burst the bubble on what we talk about, cause that’s a girl thing, but trust you me, the whole thing is just perfect and very heart warming.

So yes, I support those baby showers. Not everyone might be able to hold them. And if it comes to that point, it’s okay sweetheart, no pressure. The end game is that one delivers that baby safely. For those who have managed to have one, they can attest that it’s pure bliss.

We are now facing a new dawn that appears catasrophic due to diversified opinions.
So when all is said and done guys, do you think that all the issues revolving baby showers, gender reveal parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, are customs that we’ve brought upon ourselves that seem to differ from what those before us have deemed as inappropriate?. Because I think it’s a gap that is being bridged slowly, by a new generation which is “us”. Adaptation into what I call moving with time, adaptations that are aiming at re-coloring at what is seen as traditional, making it fit for what is easily accessible to us. The end game is one and we can all agree on it, looking forward to the safe delivery of the baby. That should be our bigger picture, right?

Lend me you your thoughts on the issue and I will highly appreciate. Thank you.

I love you guys for the continued support and engagements.

Author: wachauchegejoyce

Born on 12th February 1998,I must admit I have a keen eye for some good writing,an avid reader,and I enjoy writing too. Currently I am studying at JKUAT, Bachelors of Mass Communication,aspiring and looking forward to be an editor.

9 thoughts on “One salon, a cocktail of ladies and a new dawn with a mutual end game.”

  1. We need to accept that things have really changed..we need to live the current life as it is. Change is good right? Tradition is good too but it has evolved and we need to accept and live with it.. I support everything you’ve discussed up there..

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  2. I feel like gender reveal parties are a tad strange, at least to me, anyway. Like people take things too far in their reveal, over the top reveals. It’s definitely not like the older days, and previous generations.
    Bachelor and bachelorette parties that involve half naked dancers, is also a bit strange to me, too. I guess it’s just something that I wouldn’t tolerate with.
    I prefer that baby showers are held after the baby is born, so the extended family and friends can meet the baby, too. I say that because if something were to happen to the baby before he or she arrives, then you eventually have to deal with all of those things. That can just make the situation even more painful and heartbreaking. I have known people who had everything prepared for the baby, and their baby didn’t survive.
    I mean I haven’t experienced a bachelorette party or have any children of my own. So I hope people don’t judge me for my opinion. I’m not trying to upset anyone. At the end of the day, the only opinion that should matter to you, is yours. πŸ™‚

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      1. I agree, it nust be so difficult. And I also feel that when you know the gender of the baby, you probably develop more of attachment to the baby, which makes things more difficult if something bad were to happen.

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