Corona Virus bringing the world to an impasse.

Quick question, does it make me an insensitive “human” if am not at all worried about the Corona virus pandemic? I mean, i do feel like super guilty, for not being worried at the high rate the virus is spreading. So here’ the thing, for the safety of everyone, one of the major things is sanitizing your hands before getting into any public transport, and that is exactly what happened yesterday. I prefer riding shotgun, i just love it there, you don’t get to worry about being sandwiched, sitting on “saucers” or the agony of being next to a conductor who’s gross armpits, emanating some awful smell are all over your face, making you nauseated.

Waiting for the vehicle to get fully boarded, is when i realized just how Corona has put everyone and everything in a conundrum and it got me thinking. If a person is supposed to maintain social distance means, a case in a point, if i visit a hotel, i have to be one seat away from the other person, which means, by the end of the day, the hotel will have received half of the customers, as compared to other times, which means, they will incur losses, because the amount, will not have catered for the daily ongoings like rent which, will have to be paid at the end of the month, nothing less of what is expected.

As Africans, Kenyans perhaps, one of the things that defines our relationship, has to be greetings . Greetings are a show of good tidings, expresses a good state of well being, as well as love and care. This means, that things aren’t in the status quo as they should be and that has to be the culmination of a disaster. At this point, greetings by word of mouth is all that is going on, and truth be told, it kind of sucks. There has been a huge topple of the day to day equilibrium, which is bringing everything to a halt.
Washing hands is something that is not normalized! Cranky as it sounds, it’s the truth. It’s evident that all hand sanitizers placed in almost every shop and working areas, indicate something that is all new, something that hasn’t been happening. To be honest, how many times do you even wash your hands? Be it after visiting the privy? Before eating? And all those other circumstances that need you to wash your hands before or after? High chances are that, not so many times. So guess what? Here we all are, washing hands has become a daily mantra, throwing germs under the bus so hard, i am sure they having a shock of a lifetime, like “hey humans, when did you all become this civilized? So you all can clean up this good? Damn! You all nailed it this time!! You all deserve a garland of roses! ”

Ignorance i call it, because I’ve done it countless times. You just assume” germs weren’t aware” and if anyone isn’t there to remind you or nag you to do it, you just won’t do it. Everyone is getting reclused, from all the social activities that bring people together, in a bid to lower the stakes of infection and it’s all understandable.

This year has been nothing but chaotic, since the very first month. It all started with rumors of a roaming world war, then came the locusts, and now, the Corona virus that got us all at hostage. Like what’s gonna be next?. What other surprise does 2020 hold for us?. I mean come on, all we did was usher 2020 in just like any other year, told it to come in and stay still, without touching anything, yet here we are, everything getting wrecked up, the world at large in havoc. But all we do is hope for the best , that all these, shall soon pass. let us all take personal precaution, rather than wait on the government to do so for us. Prevention is better than cure.

Author: wachauchegejoyce

Born on 12th February 1998,I must admit I have a keen eye for some good writing,an avid reader,and I enjoy writing too. Currently I am studying at JKUAT, Bachelors of Mass Communication,aspiring and looking forward to be an editor.

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