19 did really set the pace.

I was 19. The flames flowing and coursing between us were pretty hot, the future for us so clear, the desire so strong, the chemistry was undeniable, the jitters and butterflies at their peak.

It was around 5:10 today in the morning when I was slipping in back in bed, from the lavatory, when the vuvuzela was  blown and the deja vu hit me. Like a new spell had been cast on me and I realized, that was the year we started off. 2017, a day like today. We had not made things official, but God! did I love talking to him. It made me  a bit scared. Okay, very scared, to be honest, but I loved it. I loved how scared it made me feel, but on the same, the feelings of adrenaline and a budding love, were epic!

The last election in 2017, a day like this, had set the pace for what was to become of us. I remember promising to take him on a date. Pizza date to be specific, from the proceeds I would get and I was so looking forward to it. Well, it didn’t quite happen as soon as we would have both wanted, but years later, I did it!

So today brought back all those memories, of a flame that is still burning deep down.

The year is 2016.

Guys! I was scrolling through my emails and I came across a piece I had done so as to be a part of the Slow Food movement. 😂 This is one of the very first pieces I ever did. Prolly the first one. A girl has really tried😂. Still moving on strong with the writing!

My connection to food is based on the fact that i came to realise, a person is who he or she is , due to the food they consume. I very well recall this one time i had a severe allergy, brought about by consumption of excess proteins. It was such a hard time for me and i had to visit the doctor for a checkup , to know what my final predicament would be.

He confirmed my fears and advised me to avoid taking lots of proteins for sometime,which was followed by an anti-allergy injection.The tough decision i had to make, was to ensure i was on a diet of various indigenous foods,that were locally available, mostly vegetables , like amaranthas locally known as (terere) from where i come from, as well as spinach and cabbage, which were to help me embark on my quick recuperation.

My second reason for connection to food , is because of the major health impact, various types of food have on other people, which they are yet to get well conversant and acclimatized to. A case in point, many are adapted to the not so good culture of eating junk foods which contain a lot of cholestrol,that is proving to be hazardous. It is causing obesity and cardiac problems , which are detrimental to our generation.

The era we are now living in , is being slowly disintegrated, since the output expected of them is very minimal, as per what they can offer , all due to lifestyle diseases.
To counteract these problems, i have taken a personal decision, to join groups that are indeed spreading helpful and useful insights to our generations, on how to enhance healthy and sustainable living, all around the globe.

J.F.Kennedy once said that you should not ask what your country can do for you ,but ask what you can do for your country ,to make it a better place.
For instance,i am an active member of our church youth group, whereby we have a garden.We embark on growing indigenous crops, and we grow them using non-chemical products, that is what we can call traditional ways , for example,in preventing pests and diseases, we make mixtures of different plants and the liquid extracted, is what is used as a pest repellant.It has proved to be highly effective, something that we have shared with a lot of people.

With such success, the harvest from our labour is something we really cherish a lot.When we have various occasions , we ensure we prepare the delicacies and share . The excess we sell,whereby we get income.At one time we managed to buy a printer, used by the church to print out bronchures, for every Sunday readings.

Through education on food and its importance, many in the home area have adapted the system of growing various crops,inter-cropping multiple crops.
It has proven beyond doubt, to make an impact in people’s lives, since it is enabling them to access some of the rarely found foods which hold a lot of nutritious effects.

With these, i strongly believe that the International Connector platform created for sharing views and educating the world, is one great step of an act of innovation, that is reaching out to many , to help people lead healthy lives through healthy eating and making many realize on the essence of food consumed .

Together, we can indeed make a substantial change in the world.As they say, change is inevitable.We will have fulfilled our chief purpose which is to help others , in order to make the world a better place, for all to live in.

PS: Oh, yea, I did qualify through this piece.

The sexual tension between loneliness and ……..me?….

And some times the loneliness strikes you like a bolt of lightning, when it’s a few minutes to 3 am in the morning and you are rewatching Game of thrones for the 6th time. When you jump off the bed half naked, with just your top on, a long pair of socks and just undies, to make yourself a plate of noodles.

When the entire neighborhood is silent and you can feel the cold slipping in on your body, after leaving the warm sheets.
And by that minute, you do that  pirouette in the middle of your own house, dancing to the sound of your own happiness and the silence, that just happens for that split second of a moment, and all of a sudden it hits you that it wouldn’t be so bad to be in bed, cuddled, having pillow talks, kissing the hell out of each other and silencing the demons of desire that sleep deep down on us all, a song of a  thousand whispered conversations that have roses springing in your heart.

That sexual tension between you and the loneliness, that tries so hard to outdo the wanting to be loved yet, letting your guard down is something you can not gamble on, cause strangely, it agrees pretty well with you.

But alas! life goes on.