Descent into madness.

Following the mass demonstrations that have had the country on chokehold, it is devastating to have witnessed how press freedom was curtailed during the period of the protests. With journalists getting targeted, tools of work destroyed and a good number left hurt, it really has us questioning, do we understand about press freedom? Human rights and implications of sabotaging one of the pillars on which democracy thrives?

It is imperative to grasp the concept that media taking up the neutrality stance, helps to uphold as well as promote access to timely information which is rendered impossible when journalists are attacked, mugged and dered in their line of duty.

What was being perceived as being peaceful demonstrations has turned into a dark cloud for journalists intended to cover the ongoings , with their safety being jeopardized and equipment worth millions being destroyed , actions that should be highly condemned and the culprits brought to book.

Furthermore, attempts to dictate what the media can and cannot do have been a pressing issue, undermining the operations of the Media. A case in point, the call to boycott newspapers like The Star, spearheaded by key political figures , limits the extent to which press freedom can be exercised and the repercussions, reverberate all around financial, economic and political outcomes revolving around those affected and the country at large too.

Such efforts to ostracize in order to bend the Media to cater to the needs of certain individuals, degrades the probity and professionalism of the media industry, whereas there are proper channels and measures that can be taken by any person or body who has counteracting opinions against journalists, in lieu of acting out of their own volition.

To the Media Council and Media Complaint Commission, which handles issues pertaining to journalists, I highly advocate for them to take stringent punitive measures against those who were involved in executing unscrupulous misdeeds against journalists who got injured whilst undertaking their duties. This way, it acts as a light house for the journalists to know that they are not alone and that their work is not by any chance taken for granted. By so doing, it will also create a safe haven that clearly dictates that settling media altercations can take the right course without any contradictions, with justice being served at the end of it all.

I also believe that it takes courage to be out in the field covering stories of all nature, happenings that the public needs to be aware of and in good time. Hence, the journalists should be awarded and recognized often for their good and hard work, something that will encourage them to do more and feel appreciated whenever they have to go out there.

By : Joyce Wachau Chege.

Selene is just….you know, Selene.

Selene never talks, she is the quiet type.

Her presence speaks for her.

I have seen her peep from the building next to mine until she is high up in the sky.

All she does there is sit pretty and wait for us to put her on a pedestal and shower her with poetic words and direct our cameras at her.

Us mortals, have done so, for so long. We have written poems and songs about her never ending beauty.

She is a muse.

She lets the light dark clouds dance for her as they pass across. At times, they lull her to sleep in a soft blanket until she agrees to fade off from the sky and take a nap. At times, she is defiant and decides to stay awake, her light full on.

The stars talk in low tones, of her beauty.

Lovers have spent hours starting at her, as if she is the anchor that holds them together.

Selene is just…   Selene, you know.

The beauty rising slowly in all glory.

Thoughts trail.

So I made a delicious meal today for supper. Some spaghetti and chicken stew and I loved it. I finally dared to get my notebook from where it has been laying for months. I did write something. I wrote my name and email address, stared at it, put the pen on that same page, and closed it. The first step to finally doing what I always postpone doing.

I watched a few clips and cried, cried the way I cry, and feel sad when…………sorry, never mind. I didn’t let it go far, I wiped my tears and got in bed. I rub my feet together because they feel a bit cold and I sigh heavily. I lick my lips. I’m too tired to change the red dress I wore to work today.

I stare at my phone, using my teddy bear as support. I turn, and lay on my back, looking around the dark room, though I can still see. I yawn. I should be sleeping in the next few minutes since I will be waking up early tomorrow. I remember I haven’t packed my medication for tomorrow. I get out of bed and do it, in case I happen to forget them in the morning. Just one more day to go until I’m done with it.
I yawn again and try to think of something else, other than what my mind is tricking me into thinking because it won’t end well. It never does.

Get with the program.

I turned 25 yesterday. Yes, I’m happy and also scared at the same time that I’m getting old too. An hour or so, before the clock hit midnight, I was heavily debating on folding the laundry that lay on my sofa for almost a week.  I don’t want to enter a new age looking so disorientated, and untidy now do I?  Because what if that sets the pace for everything?

So, as you can guess, I folded the laundry, did my Spanish classes on time and threw the orange peels that were in a bowl by the bedside in the dustbin, and waited patiently for the long-awaited hour.
Once it did, I crossed my fingers and made my wishes, smiling, giddy, and all jitter-ish like a small girl.

Turning a year older, I now feel so responsible and the urge to achieve more for myself continues to increase as time goes by. I pray and hope that the universe is good to me.
Here’s to me turning 25 and looking forward to achieving greater things🎂🥂😍.

ASOT not Assault.

Hospital visits can be so frustrating. I can’t remember the last time I was in one. It feels like it has been eternity.
I woke up at 6 am and 7:26 am found me in the hospital’s vicinity. I get a stamp at the gate with the name patient and hospital name on the back of my palm.

I walked through a cloud of dust that is illuminated by the intensity of the morning sun giving it a bright golden color and I sneeze. It was quiet at first and since I haven’t been here before, I approach a lady that was sweeping the flowerbeds to ask for my directions.
In my mind, I thought I had come pretty early and that I wouldn’t find long queues.

I walk into a building I was directed into and my jaw dropped. I might have cussed out a bit louder than I probably should have, as I put my phone back into my bag. I looked around trying to see if I can at least have an idea about where to start.

There must have been close to 10 queues of people and right then, I knew I would be there for quite some time.
There’s no hospital smell like I expected. Just the smell of unsettlement.
People are talking in murmurs, but still loud enough to hear what they are saying.
A woman sitting next to me is watching YouTube at a high volume about a female gangster narrating how her friend got killed. Yes, I followed the whole story with no visuals, just sound.
That’s why there are earphones, right? This is just not the right place and time for that ma’am, so instead, I change my approach on the issue and just wear my earphones and listen to a 32-minute clip of the Witching Hour by Ann Rice that I had voiced. I love listening to my voice.

By 8:15 am the place is packed to the brim but the queues were moving slowly. After running from one office to another to get the right receipts and stamps, I finally managed to see a doctor.
She was pretty nice and soft-spoken, and on explaining to her my symptoms, I was sent to the lab for an ASOT test.
Tell me why I left the room so confused and just in my head, on why anyone would want to do an “Assault test ” on me.
I didn’t remember asking her why I needed this “Assault test” like I had heard her say.
Now I was at the lab being frantic and anxious, googling about “Assault Test” and when I saw it was something to do with sexual assault, my heart sank and wild thoughts were running in my mind like wildfire. “There must be a mistake” I kept whispering to myself.

During the blood test, I just sat there scared and waited patiently. Fast forward to the results coming in, I realized it was an “ASOT RAPID TEST” and not “Assault” as I had misheard. I did smile actually and let out a sigh.

Well, unfortunately, with the test coming out positive, it means I have a Joint Disorder and that is why I have been having swollen joints and lumps on my feet.
It’s a bit scary now that I’m thinking about it, bearing in mind I rarely go to the hospital. Can’t recall the last time I had been so sick enough to visit one, but this one time that I had to, turns out I’ve been walking around and brushing off a disorder.

I hate medicine, but now I have to take these huge painkillers and supplements to help with the joints, hoping that my test next month will be negative for an improvement. Not my most proud moment, but we move on. This has been one hell of a long day. Getting back to the house around 5 pm and I went straight to sleep because I was so tired.

Thing is, take care of yourselves guys. Appreciate when you are in good health plus hey, healthcare out here is outrageously expensive!

The moon and a seemingly failed Hail Mary.

It’s 2:30 am when I woke up from some writhing pain. The swollen ankle I’ve been having since Monday morning has been driving me crazy.

I have been on painkillers, with just a Hail Mary that the swelling will go down with time, but it seems to be getting worse.
The pain is unbearable and I make a mental note to go to the hospital after work and have it checked *I didn’t manage to, as I had planned *

I peep out to the window to distract myself from the pain and notice a gibbous moon sitting pretty up in the dark sky, amidst the night silence. I lay back and enjoy it, glad that I have the comforting view, as I drift off to sleep.

This window has become a hotspot for moon watching and I love it!

Falling for the moon’s charm.

The moon is shining on my face
Through the sheers, I can see it up there
I stare, admiring just like I would, to a lover
I snuggle deeper into my pillow, as I sky gaze
You don’t get to witness such a scene every day
So I will prolly stare till I fall asleep
Whisper sweet nothings to it
Maybe throw in a secret or two, a confession perhaps
Stare as I would love or long to be looked at
Make up a scenario or two, just so that I can manage to fall asleep

I have really fallen for the moon’s charm.


A big win for this year!

30th November is the day I bought my first chair . And that is today!
I can’t quite explain the happiness, but I want to first feel it course through me, which will of course take some time.

I feel like I have given myself the perfect ending for this year and as I sit on my new seat, writing this, smiling, with clothes all over cause I need to rearrange everything again, I feel so proud of myself.

I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long, and it feels like my small place is finally falling into place. The baby steps are finally taking shape.
I’m waaaaaay too excited and I love it! I think I might cry from the excitement and milestone
My goodness!!!

At the furniture place
Delivery time 🥳🥳🥳